Seniors are the fastest growing population in the US, and many are becoming homebound and
in need of in-home care. 


manage loneliness, grief, & depression 

Due to physical, emotional, psychological, and social limitations, many seniors are confined to their home. As a result, there is often a rapid decline in their health. At eXtraordianryLIFE, we believe that talk therapy can help manage loneliness, grief due to the loss of a spouse, and depression. With the aid of a therapist, clients learn to identify triggers, cope with their feelings and symptoms, and change behavior patterns that may contribute largely to their illness.  

Widow depressing due to loss of husband

solutions for a healthier you

The first step in experiencing a healthier life is talking about the problems. However, finding solutions that, when applied, can improve the situation is where the fun begins. Our goal is to gather some history, but focus more on the present and learn to work towards a healthier life.  If you or your loved one(s) need in-home talk therapy, call us today!    


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